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Can We Play A Game...? by CrimsonnWolfe Can We Play A Game...? by CrimsonnWolfe
Can we play a game?

That's what the text says. Yeahh made up a new way to write words lol. ( Yes you're not supposed to be able to read it )

Reff'ed from a photo >> <<

Heyy it has red and green colours in it.. Does it count for x-mas art too...? Jk I'm too much of a loser for xmas I needed to turn the opacity down more on the shading. Ohwell. I didn't shade the blood either. Told you it was a fail. FML

But yeah, its my furisona, Kira. I didn't draw the horns, peircings, halo, or wings to keep it looking as realistic as I could. Will fix the shading later (didn't add 'dark' shading, but I felt like uploading it bc its taken me forever to do it) The dark fur is supposed to be black but it looks more brown... Maybe I'll fix that later..? And yes, she is crying blood.

But yeah. Enjoy the fail. Feel free to critique if you feel like wasting your time.. :I

And yes that's supposed to be my signature that's the random discolouration on the wolfs stomache area.

Kira, art (C) Me =CrimsonnWolf
Original Photo (C) *EternalOcean

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December 21, 2012
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